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Good Day World, Good Day Travellers! Welcome to my Travel Blog - Sin Fronteras. My name is Victor Alaluf. I have been working as a plastic artist for over 20 years. Today life has given me the opportunity to travel and share this experience with others. We live only once and we must make the best of it. My greatest passion is to get to know new cultures and corners of this beautiful planet on which we live. I promise to share with you the best experiences of my life and at the same time seek to inspire everyone who watches my videos, so that they can also enjoy a life full of travel and experiences. Sin Fronteras (Without Boundaries) is inspired by travel books and each blog has a different destination. Sin Fronteras goes beyond the most popular tourist destinations in order to offer you a more authentic view of the local culture as well as participate in different aspects of regional life discovering new horizons in this wonderful world without Boundaries.
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